Instituto Galego de Sonoloxía

Founded in 2010, the Instituto Galego de Sonoloxía is a platform for sound experimentation with the goal to develop interdisciplinary projects and promote international collaborations that join art and new media and are actively engaging in a meaningful and rational development of future technology.

From a sensible approach to the various manifestations of sound art, it researches, produces and disseminate different kinds of manifestations focused on sound. And it does so with the complicity of Universities and Art Centers in Galicia and Portugal, in a multidisciplinary perspective that updates the constant flow of information about technology companies constantly change process

One of the main targets of IGAS is the dissemination of experimental music and creation of our time. Vertixe Sonora collaborates in the same effort to jointly organize training and invigoration activities for coverting the specifics needs of a really diverse public from amateur searching a first contact playful and appealing to the professional musician with a highly qualified and maximum requirement.

Specialized workshops in sound art and electronic and digital technologies, proposal to approach contemporary music that does not require previous knowledge, outreach lectures, workshops improvisation,  energizing macroprojects  and specific training programs for formal education centers are some of the initiatives that we have developed the last years.

Proxectos desenvolvidos