Flexible collective that integrates prominents soloist of contemporary music in Galicia and Portugal, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble favors an open space for reflection, discussion and exchange in the field of contemporary music.  It is composed of sound and visual artists, jazz musicians, classical performers and theater people and dance with a common desire to develop musical ideas with an global artistic perspective and finds its raison d’etre in pursuit of artistic excellence and strong commitment to music and artists of our time.

It emerges to promote the production of music of today, maintain a stable structure of commissions and invigorate the contemporary sound spectrum from the peninsular vertex in a meaningful way at the international level

From an awareness of the diversity in the approach to sound it provides a constant dialogue and interaction with the thought, science, technology and other forms of contemporary art from a cosmopolitan perspective, integrative and cross-cultural that no waiver or rigor, or the transgression or the spirit of the avant-garde.